These Places Between (2018)

single channel video
color, stereo, HD 16:9
5’44 minutes

During my journey, I stopped by in places where I felt something special, an ambivalent mood, at the same time a certain calm, a concentrated and shared afternoon in public places. It is possible that my mind was wandering in the paths of cinematic fantasy and I was unconsciously trying to catch the atmosphere of the films that I had seen. In the end I gave up this search for the perfect place, time and coincidence. The pictures are rather observations of a lone traveller and outsider into the perfect exotic without any real encounter with it, with no possibility to escape the self.

The work was recently featured in the exhibition Haunt in HilbertRaum, Berlin 2018.

Transitions (2016-2017)

Transitions is a series of installation, video and photographic works that approach mixed feelings triggered by flying and traveling from different perspectives. The works are based especially on notes of fear of flying, its manifestations and attempts to free oneself from it. They are also linked to the simultaneous presence and possibility of death and to the material and unpredictable nature of human life. The works were recently featured in Transitions, Galleria Huuto, Helsinki 2017.

Transitional Objects is a series of seven photographs of items that help nervous passengers when flying. Each photograph is named after the person the photographed item belongs to: Amoona, Taylor, Timo, Rena, Mary, Silke and Weiyin. 30,8 × 30,8cm each, pigment prints, framed, 3 + 1ap

The work On an Earth Condemned to Matter consists of 36 black and white photographs depicting various rural and urban landscapes in Southeast Asia. Placed in a serial, nonhierarchical order, the pictures offer no narrative traces. They have undergone a repetitive and even compulsive alternation. The sky has been violently torn away in order to eliminate the fear of flying and the memory of it. The material wounds of the paper are woven into the image and thus become a part of the landscape. Paradoxically they signify an absence by means of their own presence. The work was also featured in Virus, Galleria Lapinlahti, Helsinki 2016. Pigment print, framed, unique, 80 x 120cm

Test for the Case of Emergency, 2017, ABS- filament, glass fibre, acryl

Place, Later in Time (a stone to fly with for the superstitious), 2017, paper, stone, sound

Repeated Sequence (Landscape), 2017, 3 pigment prints, 42 x 56cm

Where She is at, 2017, single channel video, 16:9, 3’15 min, loop. The work was last featured in Haunt, HilbertRaum, Berlin 2018

Sky in Two Parts, 2017, single channel video, 16:9, 6 ́10 min, loop

18F (window), 2017, pigment print mounted on diasec, 62 x 62cm, 3 + 1 AP

Take Away, 2017, single channel video, 4:3, 1 ́54 min, loop

Be a Good Plane, 2017, pigment print mounted on aluminium, 19 x 28cm, 3 + 1 AP

All things, passing (2015)

All things, passing is a conceptual work about fandom and desire. It consists of 28 photographs and a digital video projection. These are the result of an unending process and they are a collection where something is always missing. The photographs are reproductions of printed documentary photographs where the main subject, John Lennon, is removed and replaced with imaginary pictorial material.

The work reflects the medium of photography, photographic presentation and its relation to the reality as well as the unobtainable and the death. It combines the constantly reappearing thematics of representation of absence in photography and in the Western art history. By erasing the subsequently dead subject, the work makes an aggressive counteract to photography (an aggressive act in itself) as memento mori. By removing John Lennon from the gaze of others, he is taken into the sole possession of the artist herself. Contrary to i. e. eliminating politically controversial persons from photographs, here the object of admiration has been removed. This can be seen as a repetition of the actual murder which at least partly had its motives in possessing and jealousy. In addition to Lennon, all the marks of the removal have been taken away from the pictures. This means the artist has not only got rid of something but also withdrawn herself.

In All things, passing, the amount of the photographs can change since the idea of the collection is not to be comprehensive. Instead it includes places of human forgetting that give space to a flow of thought. Each photograph is named after the place and time where the original picture was taken.

The work has already been exhibited in the Exhibition Laboratory Project Room in Helsinki as well as in Galerie Pleiku in Berlin late 2015. A publication and a further exhibition of the work are planned.

installation for exhibition space,
28 pigment prints, size varies, unframed

Jaeger-Passage, Wohlwillstrasse 22, Hamburg, April 1961. 20 x 18,1cm
Le Bourget, Paris, 14th January 1964. 20 x 29,8cm
A Couch. 10 x 13,4cm
Abbey Road Studios, London, 1968. 10 x 13cm
A Window. 10 x 13,8cm
King Edward Hotel, Toronto, 26th May 1969. 20 x 19,9cm
Madison Square Garden NYC, 30th August 1972. 10 x 13,6cm
A Fence. 10 x 13,7cm
Abbey Road Studios, London, 1968. 40 x 28,2cm
Stockholm, July 1964. 50 x 33,5cm
Abbey Road Studios, London, 1968. 10 x 17,9cm
Stockholm, July 1964 #2. 10 x 13,1cm
Television House, Kingsway London, 4th October 1963. 30 x 21,8cm
Central Park NYC,15th November 1974. 10 x 17,8cm
London Airport, 21st September 1964. 20 x 21,2cm
Queen Elizabeth Hotel, Montreal, 31st May 1969. 10 x 13,4cm
Kenwood, Weybridge, Surrey, 29th June 1967. 50 x 36,6cm
Tittenhurst Park: London Road, Sunningdale, Ascot, Berkshire, 1971. 40 x 27,8cm
A Coke. 10 x 13cm
Kenwood, Weybridge, Surrey, 1965. 20 x 33,5cm
Madison Square Garden NYC, 30th August 1972 #2. 10 x 13,4cm
1 W 72nd St, NYC 1975. 20 x 32,7cm
Tittenhurst Park: London Road, Sunningdale, Ascot, Berkshire, May 1971. 10 x 14,7cm
A Boy. 10 x 13,1cm
3 Savile Row, London 1971. 30 x 24cm
NYC, 1974. 40 x 32,1cm
An Armchair. 10 x 13,1cm
The Abc Cinema, Edinburgh, 29th April 1964 . 20 x 18,9cm

1 W 72nd St, NYC (2015)

The video 1 W 72nd St, NYC is a looping video shot on the spot where John Lennon was murdered. It shows a man passing by, always entering and leaving the picture. The place is like any other even though it is one of the most famous murder places of the near history. By slowing down the time the video makes the space appear even more special and meaningful. The video is part of the work All things, passing.

All things, passing: 1 W 72nd St, NYC
video projection for exhibition space
1:21 min, 16:9 PAL, loop

The sleeping man (2014)

The sleeping man is a narrative short film, a parable in pictures that takes place in a world where dream and reality intersect. It tells the story of melancholy that is actively striven after yet out of control. The protagonist finds an almost dead, shipwrecked man that delivers him a huge perfect pearl in the end. But now, possessing something precious: it all has no meaning anymore.

The work was recently featured in Save Our Souls, 9th Ewha international Media Art Presentation in Seoul, South Korea.

one-channel-installation for exhibition space
color, stereo, HD 16:9
11’03 minutes

Cast: Christian Harting, Rodrigo Garcia Alves, Drifa Hansen, Simson Bubbel
Assistant director: Dren Zherka
Director of Photography: Daniel Redel
Sound Operators: Thorsten Broda, Kai Müller, Alex Töchterle
Sound design & mixing: Kai Müller
Camera assistance: Georg Simbeni, Nicolas Planq, Aline Reinsbach
Lighting: Michael Clemens, Uli Decker, Ursula Henke, David Winnerstam
Make-up and hair design: Verena Schroff
Continuity: Tereza Petrogiannaki, Nathalie Tafelmacher-Magnat
Set photography: Heli Kaskinen
Set runner: Julius Schindler
Post-Production: Paula Saraste, Daniel Redel
Conceived by Paula Saraste

Filmed on location: Ballhaus Rixdorf Studios Berlin
With generous support from the University of the Arts Helsinki and Aalto University of Art and Design

Four short films on Johannes Brahms (2013)

These four short films tell about the German composer Johannes Brahms and his relation to the Romantic poetry. Many important themes of the Romanticism intertwine in Brahms’s music: beauty of nature, fanciful Romantic love, admiration of the romanticized Middle Ages and the world of fairytales. The films impart the scientific information on Brahms with multifaceted means: performances of Brahms’s songs, piano and chamber music, played music examples, illustration, multimedia and video art.

The series of documentary films is directed by Paula Saraste. The script is by the Brahms scholar and pianist Terhi Dostal. Several well-known Finnish musicians perform in these films: the violinist Pauliina Valtasaari and the singers Annami Hylkilä, Ann-Marie Heino, Niall Chorell and Aarne Pelkonen. The production of the films was supported by the Development Centre of the Sibelius-Academy.

one / multible channel for screening or exhibition space
color, stereo, HD 16:9
80 minutes
English and German, subtitles in Finnish, English and German

Zoloft (2013)

Zoloft is a photography series that consists of five large scale colour pigment prints mounted on aluminium. As the title of the work indicates, the photographs take their formal and conceptual inspiration from the medicine Zoloft.

Zoloft is one of the most prescribed antidepressant on the U.S. retail market. It is prescribed i.e. for depression, panic disorder and social anxiety.

The pictures stand at the confluence of abstract and figurative, offering a stage for individual interpretations. The images are divided into layers of light and dark and they allude to the possibility of a space inside and outside. Just like the medicine constructs an additional layer between its user and the world, it also makes one ask, to what extent the image or the mind of the viewer is defined by it.

Zoloft I was recently featured in the exhibition Varasto in Galleria Lapinlahti, Helsinki 2017.

Zoloft I
80 x 120cm
Edition of 3 + 1 AP

Zoloft II
80 x 120cm
Edition of 3 + 1 AP

Zoloft III
80 x 120cm
Edition of 3 + 1 AP

Zoloft IV
110 x 165cm
Edition of 3 + 1 AP

Zoloft V
80 x 120cm
Edition of 3 + 1 AP

Paris (2012)

Paris is a story about a night and an idea that emerges and disappears. It is a portrayal of a mystical encounter and a journey that lasts only till the morning.

The work was recently featured in the exhibition Haunt in HilbertRaum, Berlin 2018.

one-channel-installation for exhibition space
color, stereo, HD 16:9
9’35 minutes
German with English subtitles

Cast: Lisa Marie Becker, Anka Graczyk,
Marc Hodapp, Alexander Zirkler

Director of Photography: Daniel Redel
Assistant Director: Natalia Sanhueza
Sound Operator: Rene Paulokat
Post-Production: Paula Saraste, Daniel Redel
Location Manager: Dren Zherka
Grip: Marco Rüdiger
Make-up and costume: Jeanette Karstaedt
Conceived by Paula Saraste

Nachts (2011)

Nachts is a short video work that plays with the magic of film: a sudden disappearance possible only on screen is caused by a telephone call. The work can be seen as a filmic continuity to the Ballhaus-photo series: the protagonist lets the building take her body to the unknown.

one-channel-installation for exhibition space
color, stereo, HD 16:9
1’23 min